I'm sweet as heaven, I'm hot as hell, I'm the finest girl, as you can tell. I'm a lil angel, short and sweet, don't make me mad or you'll get beat , sweety!



When you say: “Don’t be late.”
You mean: “Don’t make me wait.”

When you say: “Just give me 5 minutes.”
You mean: “Come back tomorrow.”

When you say: “Do I look okay in this top?”
You mean: “Am I fat?”

When you say: “Look at her, she’s hot!”
You mean: “Look at her, who’s hotter?”

When you say: “Look at him, he’s hot!”
You mean: “Look at him, he’s hotter!”

When you say: “It’s quite hot today, isn’t it?”
You mean: “Why the hell did you bring me to a mamak?

When you say: “I love you.”
You mean: “You’d better say it too.”

When you say: “I hate you.”
You mean: “I hate you.”

When you say: “I hate dressing up.”
You mean: “I love dressing up.”

When you say: “Do these jeans look too skinny on me?”
You mean: “Am I fat?”

When you say: “I don’t mind walking in the rain.” 
You mean: “I don’t mind walking back alone in the rain unless you pass me an umbrella before I drown, please.”

When you say: “I wish I was like Carrie Bradshaw.”
You mean: “I wish you were like John Preston.”

When you say: “Babe, it’s okay, you don’t really have to get it for me.”
You mean: “Babe, oh my gawd, you’re REALLY getting it for me??”

When you say: “I love your shoes, they are gorgeous!”
You mean: “Mine are prettier. Admit it.”

When you say: “Who is that girl on your Facebook profile?”

When you say: “Is that gym any good?”
You mean: “Am I fat?”

When you say: “Is Africa a country?”
You mean: “I’m not that dumb, I’m trying to see if you are.”

When you say: “Of all days I can’t go swimming today, sorry.”
You mean: “Another IQ test. Try not to be an idiot.”

When you say: “I don’t understand why 22 grown adults are chasing one little ball around a field for a whole month.”
You mean: “I’m giving your @$$ 10 minutes before I leave.”

When you say: “Twilight is awesome.”
You mean: “If you don’t watch the third one with me, it’s game over.

ada mata , baca. ada hati , jangan benci :")

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