I'm sweet as heaven, I'm hot as hell, I'm the finest girl, as you can tell. I'm a lil angel, short and sweet, don't make me mad or you'll get beat , sweety!


25 april 2012. finally after 3 months single , finally i end up my single life wif mohd khalish razak.

well , i just can't figure it out also why aku boleh fall in love with him. aku kenal dia at a place yang tidak sepatutnya. what we called Z. haha. that moment when aku have fun on my own at pole , and suddenly Naz tarik my hand and lemme dance with his friend. dat time memang i feel weird why Naz suddenly pull me up , but aku malas nak ambil tau koz time tuhh tengah layan habis.

and time balik , dat guy ask for my phone number. i just give it to him :) and second meet kami is at QBar. dat moment aku pergi area cafe sana koz nak kencing. but tak ku sangka kami berjumpa lagi kat sana. and kami talk2 sekejap. zaty wif naz and me wif khalish. yeah we're holding hands dat time. macam lover but dat time we're still friend.

and time dekat cafe tuhh he asked me if dia ajak aku couple , aku nak tak.... aku just diam time tuhh and suddenly im crying. haha. NORMAL. aku memang suka cry kalau dah high. haha. but dat question memang reli buat aku touching. and then i just have to say goodbye koz me wif zaty have to go. our friends are waiting for us at dat time. so i just say goodbye , salam tangan , and kiss him. like seriously that was the hardest moment. i still wanna talk to him bah at dat time :(


adios. HV.
ada mata , baca. ada hati , jangan benci :")

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