I'm sweet as heaven, I'm hot as hell, I'm the finest girl, as you can tell. I'm a lil angel, short and sweet, don't make me mad or you'll get beat , sweety!

drive by.

i hate the moment you come back into my life and try to mess my heart.

it's been 3 months i go on with my life without you by my side. it's hard for me to forget you. FUCKING HARD. and it takes many people just to make me forget you. and i finally can forget you before. 2 weeks after our breakup.

but now , u come back into my life. with all dat killer words, u changed my heart once again. yes im stupid because senang termakan ayat2 power seorang lelaki. but he's not just a guy bahh. he's my ex. the one that i used to love him so much before. yes i admit nya lah ex aku paling sayang. ex yang aku paling ada banyak kenangan. yang sweet nak mati gila susah aku nak lupa TIL NOW.

memang perasaan aku kat dia now taklah mcm dulu kala. but still perasaan tu ada.

sumpah i miss our moment. the way you kiss and hug me. the way you pujuk me when im crying. the way u got angry wif me. iloveyou , exboyfriend.

adios. HV.

ada mata , baca. ada hati , jangan benci :")

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